January 12, 2016

Links: Goals, Resolutions, Dreams!

Image of a yellow legal pad & a purple floral composition book sitting on a wooden desk surface.  Pens and a pair of seeing glasses are strewn over them.  Two(2) Eiffle Tower themed ornaments on sides of the books.  Stars and faded bubbles fogged over image.  Composition booklet reads: Create Your Tomorrow

    As I promised yesterday, I am sharing some links today that all center around goal setting.  Tomorrow is National Make Your Dreams Come True Day.  So here are some great links to give your brain something to chew on.  

    There is some overlap between the different sources; especially the idea of SMART goals.  However, there are also something a little different in each one.  

    I often come back to this post from Gala Darling.  It is from 2007, but it still has some great advice.
 Gala Darling - How To Set Amazing Goals

    Here is one from another blog I love visiting.
 The College Prepster - How to Keep Up with New Year's Resolutions (+ Video!!!)

    If you also deal with depression here is a good one to read.
 Resilient - How to Set Goals When You’re Depressed

    Here is a far more recent port on goal setting.
 Just a Girl and Her Blog - How to Set Goals… That You’ll Actually Accomplish! {with FREE Printable Goal Worksheet} 

    There are lots of resources out there.  Do you have any favorites?  Will you be doing something about your dreams tomorrow for National Make Your Dreams Come True Day?  



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