January 11, 2016

National Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Chalk pastel on dark green paper: Live your dreams.  Two pieces of chalk pastel near the corners of the green paper.  A small Eiffle Tower figure near top of green page and a cat tail peaking in the corner of the image.

    January 13th is National Make Your Dreams Come True Day!    Do you have dreams that you're working on?   Or that you could be working on?   Have you set some new goals or resolutions for the year?   National Make Your Dreams Come True Day will be a great reason to check them out and maybe even spice them up a bit!   

    Do you know what your dreams are?   Have you already been working toward them?   It's so keep at it!   If not it is never too late to start.   Maybe take some time today to muse over the possibilities.  

    One of the really great piece of  Advice that I've heard is not to limit yourself.   When you first sit down to think about your goals and your dreams just let yourself dream big.  Let your mind wander.   Don’t stop yourself if you start dreaming the impossible.   Even if you come up with a bunch of impossible tasks that you'd love to do it still gives you something to work with.  

    Pro Tip: Write it all down.  

    What in all that dreaming really made you excited?   What and all that musing  made you feel alive?   Maybe give that a try.   

    Also a little advice for my own dreams,  know that even if it looks completely impossible based on the information you have now it may very well be far more possible than you think.   

A pair of pink roses still ont he bush.  One is fully open and exposing the pollen inside.  The other is still tightly bound in the center, but is still rather open.

    Want some advice on that next step?  Planning?  Setting goals!   Working toward your awesome potential!   

    Tomorrow I'll share some links that I love with advice on setting goals and achieving them.   Have any suggestions of their own let me know in the comments.  

    So before I head out for the day what are your dreams?   Weather there more currently feasible or way out there.   What are they?  



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