January 14, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: Fairy Oasis

Collage on a wooden surface filled with beads, hearts, natural stones, and other things.  Words read: Things I Love Thursday

    I have been rather busy this week.  My room mate took me to the county seat and there I was able to get my DBA(doing business as) certificate.  I am now doing business under the name Fairy Oasis!  I am really excited.  I have been working on a dedicated Facebook page and an Instagram account.  It is fun and exhausting.  But I believe it is worth it.  Other things that brought me joy and excitement this week were:
  • Sleeping with one of the kitties.  
  • Waking up to the sound of birds instead of a loud alarm.  
  • Realizing that I have still been doing a type of art I started back in high school.  
  • Playing with my nephew.  
  • This awesome 8track called Tea Or Adventure? by Bucky_Winchester Only about half the way through, but it has an epic feel.  
  • Bike rides.  
  • Viewing the sky 
  • Check out this photo Hades an Persephone - Into the Night The artist behind Attic Raiders is awesome.   
    It is a short list this week.  But it has been a great week.  As always I encourage you to share the things that bring you joy or give you a smile.  Head on over to Kimi Who? or The Nerdy Fox to see what they loved this week.  Each week they host a linkup party for TiLT posts.  If you have one of your own link up with them.  

The Nerdy Fox

    For now I am off to do more work and THAT makes me immensely happy.  



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