January 21, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: The Oven Works Again

Collage on a wooden surface filled with beads, hearts, natural stones, and other things.  Words read: Things I Love Thursday

    Oh goodness the last half of this week has been a bit troublesome.  I won't get in to it now save the fact that the oven was down from Sunday night until about dinner time Wednesday.  So I could not work with clay.  Sad face.  But I got to watch an anime I adore.  And I got to play with my nephew.  Monday and Tuesday were not productive days and then Wednesday I was "I am going to clean all the things!"

    Any how, it is Thursday!  And that means Things I Love Thursday and Linkup parties!!!!    Here goes!
    One thing I am really excited about though is that one of my great friends that has moved out of state is in town for the next couple of weeks.  I am so excited to get together.  

    Check out some of the other blogs that join in on this fabulous type of post by visiting either Kimi or Heather.  
Things I Love Thursdays hosted by and

    Well I am off to go have tea or something.  I am hoping to get my friends to go to a place that has this super cozy room in the back, but I'll tell ya'll about that later.  



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