February 22, 2016

Writing Update February 22, 2016

Top down view of the top of a decorative circular table topped with a purple legal pad, a red pen, a bottle of black india ink, highlighters, a dip pen, and a square of white card stock with editing writen on it.  Ink splatters across the card stock and there are grammatical correction symbols in red ink.

    I've come to a point in writing my current project where I feel it is time to start editing. I came to this decision in the last week and now I'm gathering together all the different drafts sections and saved files.

    I am also looking for all of my notes and research. Lucky for me I'm pretty sure they're all in the same account.

    Not only will I be rereading scenes and deciding what parts to keep and in some cases how to blend them together best. I will also be filling out the outline and putting in foreshadowing.

    I expect this to be rather stressful and time consuming. But I also expect it will be fun. And, for me, that's one of the great things about art and writing and creation.



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