March 1, 2016

March Try-Its

    Hello March!

    With you comes spring or rather hotter Texas heat.  You also offer a chance to see several of the Messier Objects in the night sky.  (Or All of them.  Messier marathon!)  You bring Earth Day & International Women's Day.  You also bring Daylight Saving Time- wait! We still do this?  How is this still a thing?

    All of that aside, how did February go?  It went okay.  I had to make a lot of adjustments.  I tried out new routines.  I started reading a new book.  Paperwork.  I did paper work and research.

    It may have been the shortest moth of the year, but it felt like it went on for a long time and so much happened.  But I really do digress.  Let's talk about March.

Detailed vintage, color drawing of a Victorian lady with a gardening tool.
Image from The Graphics Fairy

Work to Improve my Mental and Physical Health

    I stopped taking my antidepressant last month, which lead to an adjustment period.  That is part of why February was so interesting.  I should be in the clear now and I will just be facing my depression as the challenge.
    My health has always been one of those things that I have wanted to work on and I have found some useful tools to help with it.  Both mental and physical.  I am coming up with some plans for myself in this arena for the month, but I won't go into details.

Open an Etsy Shop for Fairy Oasis 

    I am really excited about Fairy Oasis and all the things I can do with it.  I have had so much fun creating things and challenging myself.  But there is still a lot of work that goes into any business and I have a lot to do to set up & prepare.

Continue the KonMari Adventure

    We had a bit of a hiatus here at home.  This month I want to get us back on track to finishing this project.

Do my Taxes

    If your in the United States of America and you haven't done yours yet it is time to get started.  Just go to 

Finish Reading a Book  

    I have a few methods to help me out reading.  But for the most part they are work arounds.  I got Overdrive on my tablet and I am trying to use it with the Talkbalk.  I'd like to talk about the app after I have finished a book on it. Especially since I will be talking about it from the perspective of someone with a reading disorder.  
    But anyway, books.  I do love books.  

Blog 3 Times a Week 

    This is one of my Goals for Winter and I am still working toward it.  I have a few Lolita fashion posts in the works.  Would you like to see more of that?  

    Those are all more of goals.  So here is a short list of things that I want to try or to continue to try.  
  • Work toward a balance of my artistic work.
  • Steam Punk Photo Shoot. 
  • See both of my besties. 
  • Write more letters
  • Write more poetry
  • Set 13 goals for spring
    And rather to as always attempt to do all the things.  Well I best be getting to some of these goals and try-its.  What are you aiming for this month.  And are there anythings you'd like to hear about from me?  


P.S. We are still trying to raise money to get my testing done.  First and foremost for dyslexia.  Without having a doctor to confirm that the issue is in fact dyslexia I can not get access to better assistance.  Second is for allergy tests.  My tomato allergy has gotten rather worrisome over the years, but I don't know if I need to start carrying around an epipen or not.  I also have unidentified allergies that are basically resulting in a long list of foods I just don't eat for fear of a reaction.  I have also run in to the issue that some employers don't care if your allergic to something unless you have a doctor's note.  

Any small amount can help and even if all you do is pass along the Go Fund Me that is absolutly appreciated too.  


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