March 22, 2016

My 13 Spring Goals 2016

    Sunday was the first day of spring and at home it was a fairly relaxed day. I played games with my roommate played with my baby nephew. And then just generally relax that day. Toward the end of the day I sat down to think about what I wanted to do in Spring. Here's what I decided. 

  1. To finally learn French 
  2. To succeed with Fairy Oasis 
  3. To write spring poetry 
  4. To create spring themed polymer clay art 
  5. To attend a performing art or music events 
  6. To sew something 
  7. To learn how to cook artichokes 
  8. To attend the big bloom 
  9. To do something for someone else 
  10. To become more active, up-to-date, and educated in astronomy 
  11. To take more baths
  12. To become more physically active
  13. To work on my novel

    And this is part of my plan for spring. What are you going to do for spring? Do you have any goals? Are you going to be participating in the  camp nanowrimo? Or if it's autumn where you are, what are your plans for autumn?

    As always have fun and try something new.


P.S. This post is written on my tablet. Blogging on the go? Let's see how well this works!

Edited at 3:19 CDT:  Only the formatting of the post was edited.  None of the text or information has been changed.  


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