March 30, 2016

Review: Choice Organic Teas organic Earl Grey

    I love tea and I love trying new teas. Earl Grey is one of my favorites. So when I try a new Tea Company I will often start with their Earl Grey as it is the flavor of tea I know best.  Today I'm doing a review Choice Organic Teas organic Earl Grey.

     First I took a good whiff of the dry tea before putting it in the water to steep. This tea has a strong, but not overwhelming smell of Bergamot. After about a 4 minute steep the tea has a dark brown color. It has a good Earl Grey taste.  The flavor is a little stronger with some bitter notes, but neither of these aspects of the flavor are so overpowering as to be unpleasant. I rather enjoy that I can have this tea without any milk or sugar. I've had the tea about 3 times now which is usually how many chances I give a tea. This last time I steeped it a little longer by accident. It made the strong and bitter notes  more powerful, but still not overpoweringly so.

    This particular tea was picked up when we visited the new grocery store in the area.  Natural Grocers.  While I wouldn't say this is my absolute favorite Earl Grey tea, I would say that it is quite good and I would suggest it.  It is not expensive either.  I’f say among the teas I buy it is a mid ranged price at about $3.29 at the store we went to.  Which comes to about 20¢ per tea bag.

    So are any of you tea drinkers? And have you tried any of the cheese from the company Choice Organic teas yeah?



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