March 17, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: Work, Work

A collection of items arranged as a collage on a small wooden table.  Words written on cut out white paper reads: Things I Love Thursday.  Assorted items in collage include: A mint and white teacup and saucer filled with crystal stones, a quartz pendulum, and a plastic macaroon.  A walnut, two (2) red hearts, a snail wearing a black beret, two (2) strands of stone beads (purple fluorite and green aventurine), a bottle of purple nail polish, a pink rose, a silver colored seven pointed star candle holder, a small tan tea pot, a note pad in summery colors with the image of a popsicle on it, and a decorative pen.

    I would have finished this earlier today, but I saw my roommate playing Minecraft and took a break to join in.  It has been a super busy day.  It has been a super busy week.

    I have been doing all sorts of work for Fairy Oasis.  All to get an Etsy shop up and running.  I haven't made anything new this week, but I have done all sorts of other work.  I have been pricing items, taking good photos, editing and marking photos, loading listings.  I have been researching shipping methods and pricing.  It has been a lot of work.  But I think it all good productive work and that makes me feel good and productive.   ♪tehehe♪
    So lets get to the list of wonderful things.  First of all I have to say that I am so wonderfully grateful and thankful for all the helpful and supportive people that are in my life.  I was not always so fortunate to be surrounded by support.  I certainty had some amazing gems in the past that to this day are very dear and important to me, but I was not always surrounded with support.

    I am grateful for all of my supportive family and friends.  I am also thankful for having friends who are experienced with Etsy.  I can go to them with questions and ask for advice.  "How do you do this?" "Shipping?"  "How does this work?"  Thank you thank you for all the support and advice you have given me!
    I have been working so much that I am grateful for having things I can do to relax.  I love my work.  But there are parts that are more difficult.  And when you are editing for hours you can get a eye aches.  And back and neck aches.  But a little fun can help recharge me for more work.

  • Reading Nobless.  I started it a few years ago and never finished, so I found it and am reading it again.
  • Watching Once Upon a Time!!! EEEEEEE!!!!!!
  • Watching Bakemonogatari.  I have seen most of the first season before.  But I am getting to see it for the first time with consistent translations.  Yay!  Plus some of the episodes are pretty fun to watch a second time once you know what is going on and you can pay attention for certain things.  
  • And of course playing Minecraft.  
    • My roommate had started a fresh game of the newest version of vanilla Minecraft.  How could I resist?  There are certainly challenges when you have gotten used to playing with mods, but they seem to have made the mobs tougher.  That is awesome, because I had originally started playing with mods for the higher challenge level.  
  • And how could I forget Fallen London  
    It has been a good week.  I have even gotten some writing done.  In fact I have started to pick up momentum on my novel.  And I am writing several bits of poetry.  It has been fantastic!  

    So I want to know, what things have made you happy this week?  Let me know in the comments!  

    I am not the only one who does posts like this.  If you'd like to check out other Things I Love Thursday like posts head over to Kimi's blog.  She is one of the hosts of this great link up party!!! 

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Well I am off to get more work done before bed, so night night.  



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