April 19, 2016

A Busy Time

    It was a busy week.  Saturday was fantastic, but it was draining.  I was still rather exhausted part of Monday.  But I spent the week before that doing lots of work.  I focused on producing new items to sell at the market and a writing project that, if all goes well, will be posted later this week.   

    I made a lot of new things.  I was super happy with the Hard Candy magnets I worked on Thursday.  You can see them just out of the oven before I added the magnets here in this collage of some of the weeks work.  
A collage of 5 separate images of polymer clay items.  A total of 3 snails, 3 pens, a crystal pendant with roots growing around it, and 18 imitation hard candies.

    It was a busy day at the market Saturday.  I was so lucky to have my friend and roommate there to hang out with me.  After we finished setting up and writing out the prices (because even though they were printed neither of us remembered to grab them from the printer. Oops) she ran to get some breakfast.  And tea.  I need my tea in the mornings.  She brought me chai and it was delicious and warm.  

Side image of a table covered with white and pink floral fabric.  Lots of polymer clay things are set up on it for sale.
        It was a long day.  I got to meet lots of people and chat.  I didn't get a chance to check out the rest of the stalls until about 1:30.  It was fun.  I'd chat with the vendors and see all the pretty things and the smelly things. (or rather good smelling things)  I do love a nice scented candle or scented soap.  I sold several of my teeny little 1:12 garden snails.  I'll have to make more of them.  A lot of the people interested in them wanted to use them for fairy gardens, so I may try making more stuff for fairy gardens.

    We packed up at three and headed home.  We then just stayed home because we were exhausted.  One of our other roommates had been out of town for the day and got back really late that night.  She brought goodies.

    As for Sunday everyone in the house save the dog and my 2 year old nephew was exhausted.  I did manage to get some stuff done that day though.  I stayed at the desk and worked on the accounting.  I took some time to play Minecraft.  Oh and I finally got Sapphire and Jeeves in Neko Atsume.  Look at how cute they are!

In game photo from cute cat game Neko Atsume.  the two cats in this picture are standing up and wearing fancy clothes.

    Then Monday were the business taxes.  Sales tax.  And a lot of research and writing.

    I am feeling much more energised today.  How has your week been?



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