April 1, 2016

April Try-Its 2016

Photograph of a pair of flowers made out of pipe cleaners sticking out of a ball of yarn.  Text reads, "Happy April.  Let's be odd."

    Happy February! lols I mean April.  I do enjoy April 1st.  Not the crude or mean pranks some people like to do.  April Fool's day to me is a day to be silly.  To wear mismatched socks or a silly hat.  To make funny faces at children and to tell more jokes.  But anyway that is my little bit for April Fool's Day.  It is the first of the month and it is time to set my goals and try-its for the month.

    First I want to work on my list of 13 Spring Goals.  There are several things on there that I want to work on.  I have been studying French so that is something I'd like like to continue.  I got the shop open on etsy, so I want to continue to add stock to that.  I worked on some cute lady bug magnets over the last two days and I am hoping to get those and my 1:12 scale snails listed very soon.  This month I want to work on the shop and just generally create more.

Two balls of purple yarn sitting on top of a spiral note book.  One ball of yarn is attached to a metal hoop.  Text reads, "Let's create more."

    On the subject of creating April is National Poetry Month.  I have been writing more poetry in the last few month and I think it is a good time to actually do something with it.  I'll have to look into that.  any suggestions?

    Astronomy!  Goal number 10 is to become more active, up-to-date, and educated in astronomy.  This is the month.  There are several places I can go to do that.  I'd love to find more.

    Those are some of the things I think I want to aim for this month.  What are you setting out to do?


P.S. Check out this video from Last Week Tonight on April Fool's Day.


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