April 13, 2016

Fairy Oasis: Craft Sale

Image of a hand drawn sign.  Green vines and purple drooping flowers.  Text in black reads: Fairy Oasis

    This past weekend I got signed up to do a bigger crafting sale than I have been doing regularly.  I am really excited.  But that also means that I have a lot of work to do this week leading up to it.  I want to create a lot of new pieces to bring.  There will be more foot traffic than I get at Soulful Saturday, so if noting else my shop will get more exposure.

    I picked up more pens to build onto and I also collected a few crystals to work with.  I am very excited.  I will have my hands full of work this week and I am really excited about it.

    Just thought I would share this news with you all.  Is anything exciting happening in your life?


P.S. Check out the etsy shop here → Fairy Oasis By Lilian


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