April 8, 2016

Happiness: Glasses

Photo of a pair of black plastic framed glasses with broken frames.  A sad face doodled onto the photo.

    So it has been over two weeks since my glasses broke.  It is not fun not having glasses.  On the plus side I do have contacts.  But between the distortion from the contacts and my dyslexia I can not read.  I love reading.  But beside that, my choices for going to the grocery store without glasses are either I can find the aisle I am looking for or I can read labels.  Yep that is awkward.  Good thing I have other people with me.

    Well today my new glasses came in from Zenni Optical.  These ones to be exact.  In pink!  They are so light weight it is fantastic.  and you can bet if the weather is clear tonight I will be taking my star charts out with me.

    I also love how Zenni Optical always sends a pretty lens cloth with their glasses.  I got one with lily pads on it.  How cute!

    Well I was just super happy to have my glasses and wanted to share.  Think of it as a bonus TiLT post.



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