April 21, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: Rose Thorns

A collection of items arranged as a collage on a small wooden table.  Words written on cut out white paper reads: Things I Love Thursday.  Assorted items in collage include: A mint and white teacup and saucer filled with crystal stones, a quartz pendulum, and a plastic macaroon.  A walnut, two (2) red hearts, a snail wearing a black beret, two (2) strands of stone beads (purple fluorite and green aventurine), a bottle of purple nail polish, a pink rose, a silver colored seven pointed star candle holder, a small tan tea pot, a note pad in summery colors with the image of a popsicle on it, and a decorative pen.

    Through out much of my life I always had a sense that I wanted to work with my hands.  Not the same feelings as I had for math and science, but a quiet pull.  I am happy to say that I now work with my hands.  I got the great opportunity this past weekend to sell at a larger venue than I usually do and I had a great time and sold several items.  I haven't done a lot with clay since Saturday since I had some other projects to work on and the fact that I was super tuckered out.  But I did make one thing this week.  I made it because I just couldn't keep the idea in my head.  I had to try it out.  

    I made a wand with polymer clay and a branch from the rose bush.  It is both beautiful and intimidating.  It has been a good week.  So here is my list.

  • Neko Atsume
  • Kitties that sit in my lap and sleep on my bed.  
  • Tea
  • ASMR videos.  So relaxing if you find ones that work for you.  
  • Nice smells
  • Talking about books
  • Fonts for people with dyslexia.  It helps me.  It isn't perfect.  But it helps.  
  • Tomato free chili. 
  • Browsing the craft store.  
  • Chatting with people.  
  • Naps 
  • Meditation balls 
  • Homemade sushi and low key dinner parties.  
  • Music. Especially, Amanda Palmer, Unwoman, Thrice, and FloBots.  
    Well that is all I can think of that I haven't already mentioned throughout the week.  I hope your week has also been fantastic.  If it has or even if it hasn't been tell us about it in the comments.  



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