April 26, 2016

To Work or Not to Work

Vintage black and white drawing of a young woman in a simple Victorian dress and boots sitting at a desk writing.
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    So I am finding out more and more that I am kind of a workaholic.  I am trying to make it a rule not to work after a certain hour and to not work during my main meals.  But it is super easy to get caught up in research or writing or start claying.  It really is for me.

    A friend tagged me on Facebook to point out something they thought I should make.  And I was off on the research.  It feels good to do work like that.  But I am sitting her thinking to myself, "What do I do now?"  And part of me is saying, "WORK!" in an excited voice.  The other part of me is looking at the time and saying, "Um.  No I really shouldn't."

    I need to get into a habit of having a more regular sleep schedule.  Which is already difficult with some of the other issues I have to deal with.  But also, I want to create a habit of separating work and fun.  At least some of it.  I don't want all my fun to have work related implications.  I want to make sure I take some time to just do something for fun.

Vintage color drawing of a young woman in a simple teal Edwardian dress laying in a hammock with a parasol and flowers in hand.
Image from Antique Images

    How about you?  Are you taking time for fun or are you a workaholic or is work just working you to the bones?  The later there is not fun and in my previous experience if it is not something meaningful to you it can eat away at more than your time and energy.



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