May 2, 2016

April is Over, May has Begun

Image from Antique Images
    April ended with good things and bad thing.  But the bad things were really bad.  So I have not been completely on my game the last few days.  There was no favorites post for April.  I have yet to even decided what I am doing in May.  But it is all cool.  My family has been super supportive and I am finding my focus again.  

    Here are some of the great things from April.  I scheduled the testing for my dyslexia.  Between the GoFundMe and my tax return I should have enough to cover that part.  I still need to raise more to get my allergy testing.  Another great thing is that I got a commission for Fairy Oasis.  I am working on the commission today.  I also got to see Airship Isabella at the Sand-fest and I tried on some epic flower armor.  

    More news from Fairy Oasis.  I went to the semi annual Arts and Crafts show for the Farmers Market this past month.  I found some adorable bottles to turn into lovely creations for the shop.  And I turned them into little potion necklaces.  I am super happy with them.  If you’d like one let me know.  Oh I also got on Tumblr, but I only reblog very little.  I finally got it so I can more easily follow the Tumblrs I love.  Like Angel Cake and Aromantic Aardvark.  

    I think I’ll take some time this evening with some tea to go over what I want to achieve in May and I’ll get back to ya’ll with some updates soon.  

 Until then, 


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