May 31, 2016

May Favorites 2016

A collection of date books and organizers along with a few doll house miniature items.

    With April ending in a much less than desirable fashion I did not have a great deal of energy going into May.  Then I got a sinus infection.  I think I lost nine or ten days to that.  But I got better and I did get to enjoy some of the month.  I also feel like I am in a much better standing than at the start of the month.  So here are some of my favorites from the month.

    My new Filofax lookalike organizer.  I am in a seemingly endless search for a better way to stay organized.  I have enjoyed a yearly date book, but there are a lot of things date books and organizers will have that are cumbersome, useless to me, or just get in the way.  For example have you ever seen the date books that have the hour by hour section for you to put your schedule.  They usually only go from about 6 or 8 in the morning to 5 at night.  That is not useful to someone who is trying to keep track of astronomical events.  At 2 in the morning I need to go see meteorites.  And there is no space for it.  So I am rather particular about my organizing needs.  I also like to have it in person.  Sunrise has been super wonderful, especially since it will tell me all the invites I have and Facebook seems to only notify me half the time.  But having a physical copy of my stuff that I can carry around with me and check with or without WiFi is pretty important.  Often times I have looked longingly at the lovely, lovely, customizable organizers from Filofax.  But those prices.  I just couldn't justify the cost, not with the job I had.  But, on one of our many trips to Micheals I spotted this beauty.

A gold organizer binder with a single snap closure.

    And we had a 50% off coupon!!!!!!!  If you need craft supplies, do consider going to Micheals and always check their coupons.  They had little sets of inserts and it was so much fun picking everything out.  I am not usually one for gold colors, but this date book just gripped my heart and refused to let go.  I still have through July on my current date book.  I love the scholarly calendar date books.  They are always more convenient for my lifestyle as a student.  So that is a check off the list of things a month or two early.

    With this new one though I will not have to go buying a new one each year.  I can just get refills.  I can even reuse the month divider tabs.  They are so pretty too.  To put it shortly I am really excited about my new date book / organizer.

A spread of pastel and shiny gold month divider tabs.

    So what else did I love this month?  Getting back to listening to music on 8tracks.  You may see the tracks I am enjoying on my weekly TiLT post more and more.  Music makes work flow better for me.  Some of my favorite tags to search through are FrenchSouthern Gothic Rock, and Alternative Rock.  What do you like listening to?

    I also have been testing out making 1:12 scale wands for doll houses and miniature displays.  It has been fun.  It also has been a little frustrating.  One of them broke in my hands and it was back to testing.  But that is testing and learning for you.  Here are the pictures of the original batch.  If they pass the final testing I should be putting them up for sale in June.

    I also made a new miniature tea pot and did a little display that is sitting on my shelf.  I am really happy with it.

    Those are some of the things that have really stood out in my month.  As I said I am feeling a lot better than I did at the start of the month.  How about you?  What has been a bright light in your month?



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