May 12, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: Learning to Use GIMP

    The last few days have been slow going.  I got a sinus infection.  I am already feeling better though; just exhausted.  I have spent a good bit of time at the computer learning to work with GIMP.  I am pretty happy with what I have learned so far.  Take a look at my signature at the end of this post for an example.  Nothing amazing, but I am happy with it.
  • Garlic.  I have been eating this stuff a bulb a day while I have been sick.  Just cook it in the oven.  
  • GIMP 
  • My tremendous roommates.  
  • NyQuil
  • Tea!  Way more than usual.  
  • Anime.  I watched Seraph of the End.  
  • Other astronomy nerds.   
  • Images of the Mercury transit.  
  • Polymer clay. 
  • TalkBack.   
  • My favorite poem.  A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allen Poe 
  • Going through old photographs.  I have a few gems I'd love to turn into postcards.  
  • Trips to the Farmers market.  mmm zucchini 

     Well I am off to rest some more.  I hope your week is going well.  



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