June 7, 2016

5 Places on the Internet to Go When You Have Seen Too Much

Photo of a cat on a desk top with a crochet toy in her mouth.  The photo is edited to look like a very detailed oil painting and then has stars scattered over it.  There are words across the picture and they read: That is enough of this seriousness.  Let's get silly.

    Have you ever been watching something or reading something or listening to something and then you reached a point where you couldn’t take any more of it?  That was it!! That was too much! 

    Maybe you were listening to the news.  
    Maybe you were looking something up and forgot to use safe search.  
    Maybe life is just a little stressful and you need some relief from it.  

    Whether you want to unsee what has been burned into your eyeballs or if you just need something happy to counteract the terrible that exists in the world, today's list is for you.

    The first three on the list can all be followed on twitter.  

♥ Emergency Kittens

    If you love cats this is a good one to follow. 

♥ Cute Emergency

    This one feels very much like Emergency Kittens, except with all sorts of animals.  Like otters and tigers and bears! 

♥ Cute Cat Pictures

    Lets all face it.  The internet was invented to share pictures of cats.  

Photo of a cat looking over his shoulder at the camera.  Words across the image read: The internet is for cats.

    My roommate introduced me to this one recently on Facebook.  

♥ Cats Sleeping In Awkward Positions

    You may be noticing a theme here.  Lol.  

    And finally.  The go to for bleaching those images of unpleasantness out of your eyes and your brain.  If that is even possible.  

♥ Eyebleach from Reddit

    So as you may have noticed I favor cats.  I see something horribly disheartening and I say, “I need kittens.”  In fact one of my favorite go to videos on YouTube is of a Kitten Swimming.  

    I am also a fan of foxes.  But I haven’t come across any feeds with cute fox images and videos.  Though I have also never gone looking for one.  Do you know of any?  

Photo of a blue plushie shark in a bathtub with a towel and sponge.  Black border around the photo.

    So how about you?  What is your go to for these eye bleaching situations?  Did you like any of the ones I shared here?  Do you have some I have yet to find?  

  Until later,


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