June 12, 2016

Experimenting with Resin

    I have been watching tutorials for resin and gathering the tools and supplies for a little while now.  In the was week I have finally made a couple batches of mostly little gem shapes.  It has been interesting.  I am probably a bit more precautions that most would think is necessary.  Can you say respirator?

    At first I was relatively happy with the results of both batches.  The first had a couple issues that I tried to adjust for.  The second batch seemed nearly perfect.  Until I took them to the farmers' market to show my friend who works there.  They were bendy!!!!   They are not supposed to be bendy.

    I have already determined three possible reasons for these results.  So I will be trying to eliminate them one at a time to see what the problem was.  There is also the fact that the heat index was over a hundred.  Welcome to south Texas.  Bring a fan and a lot of water.

    But I still have some fantastic pictures of my gem creations and another batch curing as I type.  Here is the shot I shared on Instagram.  Good news is they seem far less bendy now that they are back in the AC.

    Well I am off now.  I want to get some studying in.



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