June 4, 2016

International Lolita Day

    Today is International Lolita Day!

    If you are not sure about what I am talking about with lolita fashion, check out the "What is Lolita?" page over on F Yeah Lolita.

    International Lolita Day is a semiannual holiday in our wonderful fashion community that is celebrated on the first Saturday of both June & December.  It is a day to celebrate the fashion and a great excuse to get all dolled up and go out; whether that is solo or in a group.

    So what do you do on this day to celebrate now that you are all dressed up?  Just about anything you want.  Go to a cafe.  Go to a museum.  See a play.  Visit the park.  Or just go about your regular day with the wonderful touch of a great coordinate.  Anything.

    Well anyway I want you all to have fun today.  I am off to do the same.



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