June 30, 2016

June Favorites 2016

Various colored resin gems sparkling on green stripped fabric.  Text reads, "June Favorite"

    Well it's the end of the month again.   That means it's time to do a roundup of all the things that I really loved this month.  Not your weekly Things I Love Thursday, but some of the things that really stood out from my month.


    Let's start off with the fact that we got to have two Lolita meetups in our community this month.  They were pretty low-key, but they were a lot of fun.  We visited a museum for one of them. I'm hoping that in the next month or two we can have some more.

    But that's not the only thing.  Sure I got to wear Lolita Fashion out with other lolitas and that was a lot of fun.  But my roommates and I have also been working to build outfits for our LARP characters at the end of next month.  And that means thrifting. It's been a lot of fun.  Thrifting always is for me.  I even have a few pieces that I think will  go very well with a Mori girl look.


    Alright let's stop and talk about the fact that crafting is amazing.  And with the right tools and a lot of patience and trial-and-error you can make some pretty amazing things.  Crafting is so much fun.

    This month I have been trying out resin charms.  Mostly I have been making gems.   I have tried my hand at some different shapes too.  Like a planet.   And  my roommate and I tried making silicone molds too.   But this will take some more experimenting.

    Learning how to use the resin is going to open up different possibilities  for me with my polymer clay art.  One project in particular that I really look forward to trying is making a fish tank of some kind.  But I'm also interested in possibly using it to make small clear elements on some of my creations.  I'm going to keep that little bit a secret though until I test it out see how it works.  I love experiments.

    So all-in-all having a small box filled with little resin gems is kind of fun.  Take a look at the title picture to see a whole bunch of gems I've made this month.


    Okay so on one of the two Lolita meet ups we went to this really awesome shop that sells candy and sodas.  Especially more novelty and interesting ones.  I was so happy to find out that they actually sell one of my favorite sodas.  I've gone to so many H-E-Bs looking for this soda I used to buy and none of them have it.   Mind you in the past I've had to pay $2 for one soda, but considering I rarely drink soda I'm willing to pay extra for something I really enjoy.  I am so happy to have a place I can buy them again.

Sprecher Orange Dream soda

    It has been a few years, but I remember Sprecher Orange Dream soda being smooth and delicious.  It is made with honey instead of sugar or corn syrup.  I still haven’t popped it open yet.  Like I said I rarely drink soda and I don’t want it to go to waste.


    I finally downloaded Evernote to try out.  So far I am really liking it.  I can set reminders, make lists, and put notes together in folders.  Best of all is the fact that I can use text-to-speech with it.  That make things so much easier.  I will have to use it some more before making my final decision on it, but so far I am happy.

    So those are my favorites for the month.  Tell me about your month or share a link to your own favorites in the comments.

Lilian A. Brennan


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