June 1, 2016

June Goals

Photo of sun shining  through green and brown leaves hanging from a branch.  Large bright text reads: Goals in June.  Smaller text on side reads:

    I don't have any things I want to try this month, but I have some clear cut goals.  I sat down this past month and answered the question, "Where do I want to be in five years?"

    The two most pivotal subjects that I listed in my desires were astronomy and writing.  These are the two areas that I really want to make a lot of progress in the next five years.  But today I want to focus on what my goals will be for this month.  So here goes.

Finish all the items on my current novel to do list. 

    I made a list of several tasks I have to do for my current novel project.  The list includes map making and character work.  I should be able to finish one of the tasks on each of my working days and still have time for other stuff.

Dedicate 2 hours a day 6 days a week to writing my novel writing.  

    This is one of the big ones for me.  I want to have completed two novels in five years so I have got to kick this project into gear.  I know I can do a good bit of work if I set aside the time as I learned doing NaNoWriMo.  I have also figured out that I need a day off each week.  So I figure I can set aside time six days a week.  If I write for two hours each of those days I should make some solid progress.  I have already started implementing this and the last one.  It has felt good so far.

Study as much French as possible before the Summer Solstice.  

    All my roommates are learning Esperanto.  I was intent on putting more effort into learning French.  I made the decision that I would keep studying French until the Summer Solstice.  Then I will start Esperanto.  So until that day I want to put effort into studying.

Sell more on Etsy & Redbubble.  

    I still have some things to sort through before I can even think about getting a day job again.  So until then my art is my only way of making an income.  As such I want to get more sales.  Wish me luck and if you've got any advice I'd love to hear it.

Create 15 posts for Petticoat Pedaler.   

    I haven't been very talkative over here and I want to change that.  I have already been working on some more essay style posts that I'd like to finish and share.  I used to have around 15 posts a month.  So that was the target number I set.  This will of course give me more writing to do each day, but I love writing.  

Starting on the Summer Solstice study Esperanto.   

    Like I said earlier, I am starting my Esperanto education on the Summer Solstice.  Great thing is I will have people to practice with!  

Read the materials for Magischola.  

    I haven't talked about it here yet, but I am going to get to go to this LARP.  I am really excited.  I need to read all the prep material ahead of time though so I know the rules and the world.  Maybe I'll talk more about it as I develop my character and get outfits ready for zir.

    There are lots of other things on my goals in general, but these are what I will focus on this month.  I will also continue to try and attend as many of the live Astronomycast and Weekly Space Hangouts that I can.

    So what are your goals this month?  Have you thought about what you want for yourself in five years time?  and do you have any tips for me?



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