June 22, 2016

The Most Beautiful Thing

    The most beautiful thing I ever saw was a concept.  Imaginary numbers used in formulas created the most spectacular patterns on graphs.  

For an image description I must apologize, because I am not capable of doing this image justice with words.  It is a fractal with teal, green, blue, and black colors.  It is a series of ever repeating patterns that look as though they are falling down into holes that they have created.  The longer you look at the pattern the more patterns and holes you start to see.
This is an image of a julia set pulled from Wikipedia
    A small equation would create a complex and seemingly ever repeating pattern. 

     It was in that moment that I was first enthralled by math.  It had been something I could do and could even enjoy, but it was that moment, when I saw the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the world, that I found a goal to strive for. 

    It was in that moment that I found one of my holy grails to search for.  I wanted to know more and the teacher could offer nothing else.

    The most beautiful sound I have ever heard is that of the violin.  I could be spirited away by the sound of those strings.  

    What is the most beautiful thing you have ever . . . 

    How did that thing make you feel?  Do you get the same or a similar feeling when you think about it or learn about it or experience it?  Is it something you can learn for yourself?  

    For this moment do not give any thoughts to whether or not you can make money doing it. That is not important in this moment.  (and besides the world is changing and how you can make a living is changing just as fast)  I want you to look into whether it is something there is information on that you can obtain.  Or if there are people you can talk to.  Whether it is in-person or online.  

    I had a realization one day.  I had been going to a community college for several years.  That college had a music department.  I made some inquiries and sent some e-mails and soon enough I was enrolled in violin lessons.  And the school provided a violin on loan to me for the classes.  

A photo of my black violin siting on top of my desk.
Now I have my own.
    I felt silly the moment I had realized I was attending a school that actually taught one of the things I desperately wanted to learn and hadn’t started learning it.  But I can just laugh at it now.  I can play the violin.  I can make that most beautiful sound for myself.  

    So have you looked into how you might be able to learn something that moves you?  Have you even considered the implications of having something that moves you?  

 Until later,
Lilian A. Brennan


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