June 6, 2016

Working on Myself

A simple collage on the surface of a desk.  A used yellow legal pad, a composition booklet with a decorative cover that is mostly shades of purple with a floral design, four different pens (colors purple, black, and green), a pair of black plastic framed glasses, and two Eiffel tower decorations that are going off frame.

    May I did a lot of self work.

    One of my house mates is really enjoying looking into Myers–Briggs Types and all sorts of other topics that I can't list because well I'm not him.  Any how it has lead to great discussions of how different people think, process things, and make decisions.  It has also lead to everyone taking tests to find out their type.  I have taken several tests over the years and often come up as an INFJ, but after finding more accurate tests and looking into the actual functions of the types turns out I am an INTJ.  It has all been rather interesting.

    In the mists of all that I sat down and asked myself, "Where do I want to be in five years?"  While I listed several things, it actually turned out to be a shorter list than I thought it would be.  There are lots of things that I'd like to do, but this list has only the things that I really want in the next five years. With that list written down I can go back to it to see that I am still focusing on my major goals.  It also helped me know that there were some things that I felt comfortable waiting on till after those five years.

    The major things that were on my list focused around writing, astronomy, and finishing my associates of science.  For writing I want to write at least two complete books.  I am on my way with that one already.  I also want to write a lot of poetry.  There are so many files of finished and unfinished poems.  I need to go through my old stuff.  And make myself feel more comfortable about just sitting down to write a new poem.  The associates degree is a little trickier.  There are a lot of variables I have to work with and around to achieve that one.  Including but not limited to my dyslexia.  Once I figure out how to work with the issues I have I can get back at finishing classes.  Then hopefully after that I can move on to a bachelor's program.

     So that is a bit of what I have been thinking about lately.  It has been helpful and having lists that I can easily refer to make it easier to remember & remind myself.  My depression sometimes makes me forget things, which is incredibly frustrating.

    Do you know which Myers–Briggs Type you are?  And which functions are your strongest?  Here is the test I took.

    Also, do you know what you want in the next five years?



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