July 22, 2016

Going On Vacation

An individual dressed in steampunk with stark white skine and cotton candy pink hair that is pulled back.  Mostly brown attiare.  Striped shirt, neck crevat & pin, pants tucked into knee high boots.  Gloves on both hands and a bracer on the right forearm.
Photo by my roommate

    This is my steampunk character Zazzle.  Don't I look handsome?

    Anyhow, me and the rest of the airship / household are going on vacation.

    We are going to visit some other steampunks.  We are going to some museums.  We are going to a steampunk ball.  I will be skipping the shironuri makeup for that event.  We are also headed to Magischola.  Which is the primary event of our trip.  I think it will be a lot of fun.

    But while I am gone I can't really write posts, or manage the etsy shop, or put new stuff up on the Redbubble shop.  As such I am going to just call it as vacation.  I will not take any new orders on the Etsy shop and I will put it into vacation mode.  Unless there is something funky, then I'll just put an announcement and try to set an auto reply.  I am still learning new things about etsy.    

    I will try to update my personal Instagram if I get some WiFi along the way.  See if I can't get you all some fun pics to see.  Let you join in on some of the adventure.

    Once we get back I ain't gonna have time to relax.  We arrive back home during this years GISHWHES Hunt.  So I will get back and probably jump right into some crazy, arts, fun, abnosome antics.  I can't share a lot of pics from that until the hunt is officially over.  (Part of the rules)

    I should have everything back up and running in early August.  Until then, Ya'll stay awesome and have fun and be safe.

Lilian A. Brennan aka Zazzle


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