July 17, 2016

Playing Games Is Fun

Vintage line drawing of two girls playing outside. One is reading and the other is playing with a jump rope.
Image from Antique Images
    Relaxing and playing can be important.  Even when you are an adult.  I remember long months that seemed to bleed one day into the other of work, sleep, food, and work again.  I learned through experience that it was important to do more than just sleep to rest up from work and stress.

    Sleep is vital and not getting enough of it can make you sick.  But if you manage to get enough sleep try to do something fun.  That is exactly what we did yesterday.  We had a game day.  Lots of friends, plenty of food, and so many games.

    Pandemic, Firefly Fluxx, Punderdome, Zombie Dice.  There are so many choices in our group of friends.  We even played Cards Against Humanity.  We didn't have time to play Forbidden Desert, which is one of my favorites.  Pandemic was the first for the day and that is another one I love.

    If all you know of board games are things like Monopoly and Life there are a lot of new games out there to explore.  One of my roommates has found a lot of the ones we have in the house by watching others play them.  Tabletop with Wil Wheaton.  I have seen some episodes with her.  It is a good way to see how a game is played.  Another way she has found games is through demonstrations.  There was a section at San Japan for this.  That is where we got Zombie dice.

    I found Gloom several years back.  I don't even remember how I originally learned about it, but it is a lot of fun.  Here is the episode from Tabletop where they play it.  It is a morbidly entertaining game.

    Do you have any games that you love to play?  Have you played any of these?

 Have fun,
Lilian A. Brennan


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