July 7, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: Organization & Math

A collection of items arranged as a collage on a small wooden table.  Words written on cut out white paper reads: Things I Love Thursday.  Assorted items in collage include: A mint and white teacup and saucer filled with crystal stones, a quartz pendulum, and a plastic macaroon.  A walnut, two (2) red hearts, a snail wearing a black beret, two (2) strands of stone beads (purple fluorite and green aventurine), a bottle of purple nail polish, a pink rose, a silver colored seven pointed star candle holder, a small tan tea pot, a note pad in summery colors with the image of a popsicle on it, and a decorative pen.

    I like to organize things so that I can complete tasks in a manageable way and always be able to find what I need.  I am still trying out different methods.  Bullet journals worked for a little with modifications, but it still didn't do everything I needed.  Do you have any favorite methods of organizing your time and why do they work best for you?

    As I do every week now is time for the gratitude list.

    Well it was a short list this week, but that doesn't make it less awesome than another week's list.  Tell me a few of the things that made you happy in the comment section below.

Lilian A. Brennan


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