August 31, 2016

August Favorites 2016

A close shot of several items on my dresser.  The picture is centered on a crocheted mandrake sprouting plushie sitting inside of a teacup filled with gold colored mardi gra beads.  To left side of the tea cup is a leather bracer with a tiefling girl painted onto it and another teacup.  To the right and in the background is a woodensign that says, "Dreams n. a cherished hope; ambition; aspiration."  Though the word Dream is only partly in the frame.  There are also two origami animals on the surface of the dresser.

    So August is coming to a close today. This means it's time to round up all of my favorites from the month.  And I feel like there is a lot to list.

Safer spaces 

    One of the things they tried to do at the LARP we went to was create a Safer Space.  Of course not all things could be planned for and different people have different needs.  I can't really explain in short what a safer space is and that would be an entire post on its own.  But there was a policy that we were not to question anyone on ability, gender, sex, color, religion, or any other aspect like that.  If someone said their pronouns were he, they were he.  If someone wore a dress one dare and a men's suit another, that is just how they do things.  It was a wonderful place to just be yourself without fear of being judged or made fun of or attacked.  It felt so safe. You could have an open dialogue and have disagreements without fear that the other person would turn to violence.


    I have been a fan or role-playing for a while, but I had never before had a chance to try live action role-playing.  This was epic.  Seriously.  I loved it.  It was so immersive.  It is something I highly recommend.  I got to dress as my character, I got to act like my character.  I got to interact with other peoples characters.  It was like one huge improvisational play for ourselves.


    Oh I have missed a good ole regular table top RPG.  We have finally got one going again.  it is three sessions in and all the players are playing some kind of magical creature, which adds a certain flavor to it.  It has been a lot of fun though.


    My new date book started this month.  Or rather my last one went through July.  I do like the student style ones.  I had been considering trying stamps.  I do like watching some of the plan with me videos.  I had looked over some of the options for a few weeks and finally ended up with some stamps from Micheal's.  We even found some really inexpensive letters there.  A set of capital letters and a set of lowercase letters for a total of $2+tax.  I am having fun with it.  but more importantly it makes the date book much cleaner looking.

The image of a two page spreed month calendar with several letters and symbols stamped onto it.

Cute Things

    Cute things.  Do I ever not love cute things?  I got the cutest little mandrake sprout plushie on the trip.  I have the little fellow set up in the pumpkin display I made this month when I am not using it. I'll have to get a picture of that at some point.  The seller also makes other cute things though.  So check out Creepy Cute Critters.

Alone Time

    Ever been in a car with people for three days?  If you are an introvert or an ambivert you may need some alone time after that.  I know I did.  I managed to get some good spaces of alone time this month.  It meant turning down some events that would have been nice to attend, but my friends at those events understand the need to have some alone time.


    I finally got some bubble bath.  And as such I took a bath.  Ahhhh baths.  ♥ ♥ ♥


    There have been a few apps I have used this month that I have really really enjoyed.  (just for clarification I am not receiving any compensation for my mention or review of these apps)

    First off there is Sleep as Android.  This has been a great alarm to wake up in the morning with soft bird sounds that get gradually louder and louder.  It also has a captcha option on the alarm.  The setting on it that I chose are that I have to do some simple math to turn off the alarm.  This has led to discovering that I can actually do some math in my sleep.  >.> Luckily I was able to turn up the difficulty on the math.  It also does some sleep tracking and records if you make noise while you are sleeping (such as snoring or talking in your sleep) and the alarm will wake you up at the end of your sleep cycle.  I have really liked that.  I am planning on purchasing the full app now that the trial is done.

     Next lest talk about Go Read.  OMG! As you may have heard I finally got an official diagnosis as dyslexic.  This gives me access to assistance in school that I might not otherwise succeed without.  But it also gives me access to programs like Bookshare.  I finished a book in less than three day!  It was incredible.  I will be able to read so much more than before.  I can even read the local paper with it.  I want to do a full review of this program and app after about a month of using it so if you too have a print disability look forward to that.  Or just take a look at the app and the program yourself.

    And finally Sound apps from MeTapps.   I love the sounds of rain and wind.  they are very relaxing.  I am currently using three different apps from them and so far I am really happy with them.  Rain SoundsNature Sounds, and Forest Sounds.  Between the three of them I have a good selection of sounds and music to play while I am winding down for bed.

    Those are my favorites from this month.  Do you like any of the ones I mentioned or are you thinking of trying one of them?

    How was your month?  Did August treat you well?  Did you get to try anything new?

Lilian A. Brennan


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