August 5, 2016

Home Sweet Home

    Travel, LARPing, and GISHWHES are exhausting.  Fun and exciting, but exhausting.  I am still achy and sore.  I still haven't fully relaxed, because I am a crazy person and am doing GISHWHES.  We have done some fun stuff though.  I need to rest.  I slept for 8 hours and my body is still aching for sleep that I really can't get comfortable enough to enjoy.  I am sure it will be better after GISHWHES is over.  And in the mess of GISHWHES  I am still checking things off of my August to do list I created on the drive back from Virginia.  I took care of three big ones last night.

    This is more of a hello than anything as far as posts go.  So how are you all doing?  Any of you participating in GISHWHES?  Have any of you ever LARPed or role played?

Till later,
Lilian A. brannan


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