August 6, 2016

The Elusive Miss Jean Louis & The Time Traveling Slangaroo

    The elusive Miss Jean Louis is a mysterious creature indeed.  Her biography is a book that is difficult to obtain, but we the members of team PanzillaLovesMoogleLovesTheMentallyIllsLovesTheBorms have obtained pages from a single chapter of the curious tomb.  Here I shall share some of the tantalizing details with you.

    Thought he date of the occurrence is unknown due to pages that simply weren't found and others that fell into the twisting tentacles of a hunger elopus.  We do know that in the summer of this unknown year Miss Jean Louis joined a slangaroo in an adventure to save it's pet kitten from a gang of nefarious field mice whom wished to sacrifice the kitten to the kale gods.

    Through tenacity, teamwork, and the clever use of titanium sporks they were able to save the kitten.  After that they became fast friends and the trio traveled trough different parts of time for a period that can best be estimated as 16 months.

    They traveled to the Cretaceous period to search for the origins of the dinomite.  They traveled to the 1500's to watch a Shakespearean play.  We were unable to discover which play they watched.  Though members of the team have decided to pick plays arbitrarily.  There is even a small section that describes their travels to the year 13063.  An exciting story of swimming lizard bears and laser light cannons was cut short by another missing page.  The next and final page gave us a description of  Miss Jean Louis sipping kale wine in her art filled living room and gave no answers to the whereabouts of the time traveling slangaroo.


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