September 6, 2016

5 Books I Want to Read or Finish in 2016

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    One of the things I love is reading.  But it takes me a lot longer to read than other people.  I often have to read a sentence five times over just to decipher what it actually says.  I have dyslexia and because of this I have always needed a lot of time to read.  When I originally started this post I went through the books i have and the ones I am in the middle of reading and came up with a list of five books I would love to finish reading this year.

    Lucky for me it looks like this list may be much easier to get through than I originally thought.  In fact with the use of Go Read I have already finished one of the books and I have another downloaded.

    I am looking forward to enjoying these titles.  Some are books I have started reading.  Some are books I want to read.  I do recommend all of them personally.

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard 1) by Scott Lynch
    I am currently reading this via audible, but I also have a physical copy.  I am in love with the style of writing in this.  The attention to details & the choice of details mentioned, the roughness of the protagonist and other characters.  I really look forward to finishing this book and reading the rest of the series.  I started reading the series out of order and have switched to the first book so as not to spoil myself any further.  In the first page worth of text I was in love.  Not with the characters yet.  I hadn’t had enough time for that.  I had fallen for the writing.  I think I will be looking forward to reading anything Scott Lynch writes.

    “The Lies of Locke Lamora” is detailed, immersive, and colorful.  If you don’t have a problem with profanity in your stories and especially if you enjoy stories about rogues give this book a try.

Radical Self Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dream by Gala Darling
    I love Gala’s work.  She is one of the wonderful people whose work helped me pull myself from the darkness.  I thought I had finished reading this book, but in fact I am only about half way through it, so I’d love to finish it this year.  This book is filled with a lot of the great advice she gives on her fabulous blog.  Her blog is where I originally saw the Things I Love Thursday posts.  

    If you need more self love and magic in your life this is a book worth reading.  Maybe more than once.  Or maybe it will make a great gift to a friend.

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time by Brian Tracy
    This is a book I have seen Gala Darling talk about on her blog.  I came upon it in the local bookstore and snagged it up.  I started reading it immediately, but then got caught up in life.  I recently finished it though, thanks to Book Share.

    It has a lot of good advice in it.  Even better when you take each piece into consideration with the other pieces.  You can create a great pace by completing one important task after another and using the surge of endorphins to launch yourself into your next task, but remember to also take care of yourself.  Don’t skip meals and sleep, because that will hurt your quality of work and actually slow you down.  Try to get to work a little earlier and stay a little later to get stuff done, but remember that you want to get your work done so that you can have fun and spend time with your family.  

    I am looking forward to putting some of the advice from this book into work.  I must suggest that you read it critically.  The advice is not really applicable to getting work done at a fast food job or any other job where you are just supposed to do as you are told when you are told with no exceptions.  But it can be helpful for looking at your bigger picture goals and the work you personally want to do.  I do not think the book is written with depression or disabilities in mind.  I remember points where I was put off just a bit because of this, but there is still plenty to gain from it.

The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality by Julie Sondra Decker
    As an asexual myself I was excited when this book came out.  I got a good way through it and it is really good.  The book is to the point and accurate.  I’d like to finish reading it so I can do a proper review of it on GoodReads.  I was actually super lucky to win it through GoodReads.  I was one of five winners.  It was fantastic.  Once I have finished reading it I am considering donating a copy to the local library.  I think it could be really helpful for not only people who are wondering if maybe they are asexual, but also to let others know what asexuality is.

Valour and Vanity (Glamourist Histories 4) by Mary Robinette Kowal
    I may not have read any of this book yet, but I have loved every single one of the three books that precede it.  And if you listen to it on audible you get to hear it read by the author herself.  What kind of book is this?  Think Jane Austen, but with magic.  That is how I have always heard Mary describe it.  I can start this one as soon as I finish reading about Locke.

    Those are the five books I’d like to finish reading this year.  Now that I have access to immersion books I will likely be reading more than just these.

  What books do you suggest?  

Lilian A. Brennan


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