September 25, 2016

A Simple Sunday

Antique illustration of a young woman with brown hair in an up-do wearing a teal Edwardian period dress.  She is holding a paper parasol and a bundle of flowers while laying in a hammock with an over-sized pillow.
Image from Antique Images

    Hello there.  I figured I'd just drop in and say hi.  Yesterday was a busy day at home.  We had friends over for a day of gaming and sushi.  Sushi was delicious.  Games were fun.  There were two big loses though.  Pandemic Legacy and Betrayal at House on The Hill.  For those who have played Pandemic, we pulled an epidemic card on the first turn and a second on in that first round.  We even had a chain reaction outbreak in that first round.  It was pretty terrifying.  As for Betrayal at House on The Hill, the trader won.

    Today I am taking things slow.  I am cleaning.  We used a lot of dishes yesterday.  I am reading.  It is nice to sit down and read.  I often forget how relaxing that is.  Though I do live with a toddler and I need some quiet when I am reading.  I also plan on updating my date book today and planning out the week to come.

    At the moment I have a cup of tea and a kitty that wants in my lap.  How is your Sunday going?

Lilian A. Brennan


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