September 29, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: Singing Along To a Ukulele

A collection of items arranged as a collage on a small wooden table.  Words written on cut out white paper reads: Things I Love Thursday.  Assorted items in collage include: A mint and white teacup and saucer filled with crystal stones, a quartz pendulum, and a plastic macaroon.  A walnut, two (2) red hearts, a snail wearing a black beret, two (2) strands of stone beads (purple fluorite and green aventurine), a bottle of purple nail polish, a pink rose, a silver colored seven pointed star candle holder, a small tan tea pot, a note pad in summery colors with the image of a popsicle on it, and a decorative pen.

    Last night was fabulous.  We had friends over for the family night of of our multi-faith study group.  There was food.  There was tea and Turkish coffee.  There were singing bowls.  There was a ukulele.  We even sang an alcohol alphabet song.  It was all wonderful and pleasant.

    This week has been filled with events and busyness.  I have been prepping for events and cleaning.  and then other times I have been cracking at crafting and writing.  This weekend is a convention and I am doing some prep for that.  I will be going as my steam punk character Zazzle at least two days.  I am looking forward to that.

An androgynous person with cotton candy pink fluffy hair pulled back in a pony tail  and stark white skin (shiro nuri) dressed in steam punk attire laying on a love seat flipping through a book.

    I have been working hard to finish the costume daggers for the outfit.  They are looking good so far.  But I can share pictures of that with you later this weekend.  Or you can get some peaks over on my Instagram.  

    Well lets get to the other things in my week.  Gratitude time! 
  • Space Attack - Scandinavia & The World  
  • Board Games
  • Food and friends
  • Gaming! 
  • Accessibility!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
  • Reading 
  • Writing 
  • Quiet time 
  • Baths!  They will do you good when you need to stop and take some down time.  
  • Music, music, and more more music!!! 
  • Especially FloBots.  If you have not heard their music give some of it a listen.  
  • Thinking about flowers.  
  • Actually being able to have reading time.  
  • Accessible schedules.  Oh my god that is awesome!  
  • Your YouTube Videos Need Captions | #NoMoreCraptions [CC] 
  • Friend time.  
  • Having food to eat.  
  • Having help when I need it.  

    So what kind of shenanigans are you getting into this week?  And what is bringing you joy?

Lilian A. Brennan


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