October 26, 2016

Asexual Spectrum Characters

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    I wanted to take a look at some asexual spectrum characters today.

    As I looked for characters in media I was reminded of the stereotypes and misconceptions that asexuals are aliens, robots, or serial killers.  That is not a pleasant stereotype.  Not that there are many pleasant stereotypes.  If any.

    So here are a few characters that are either speculated to be or are officially on the asexual spectrum.  Note that this list is not exhaustive.  In fact I’ll leave you some links to other lists and articles.

Haruhi Fujioka - Ouran High School Host Club 

    I read about this recently.  I have only read some of the manga.  I have seen all the anime.  From the anime I remember that Haruhi was not much concerned with how others viewed their gender.  As a Gender non-conforming person I really enjoyed that.  I’d like to read the manga now to find the part that someone mentioned that Haruhi talks about attraction.

Sherlock Holmes 

    This is one of the examples I see and hear a lot.  I used to read these stories a lot when I was younger.  I need to read them again.

Jughead Jones - Archie Comics 

     Look!  Archie Comic Reveals Jughead Is Asexual That's pretty cool.  I never got in to this comic, but I have seen it around since practically as long as I can remember.

Confirmed asexual characters in fiction link from The Asexual Agenda

15 Asexual Celebrities You Didn't Know About link from Madame Noire

Five Books With Asexual Protagonists link from
    Looks like it is time to add some stuff to my reading list.

    It is always nice to see characters like us in the stories we consume.  More important it can be really alienating to people, especially children, if they don't see characters like themselves.  It can make them feel like they are weird or wrong.

    What are some characters that you can identify with?

Lilian A. Brennan


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