October 15, 2016

Learn a New Language for Free

Photo of a stack of language books and dictionaries.  A brass vase to one side and a Paris themed pencil holder to the other.

    Do you want to learn a new language?  Classes and programs can cost quite a bit.  And even if they are not terribly expensive, a lot of people simply do not have the income to afford these options.

    But don’t despair.  There are plenty of places to learn a language on a dime or for nothing at all as long as you have access to the internet.  Now there are also ways to learn without the internet, but that is a different post altogether.

    Today let's look through some of your options for learning at home.

    Let’s start off with one of my favorites.


    They have lessons in so many languages and they have created it in a way that covers the cost.  Check out the video.  


    They have an app for the phone or tablet which makes it easy to practice anywhere, but there are so many more things you can do from a computer.  I highly suggest trying this one from a computer at least part of the time.  Each section has explanations and information that will be very valuable to a student.

Easy Languages

    This is another one I have been using.  You get to hear people speaking the language in the countries that the language is spoken.  Hearing Parisians talk about what they think about Paris.  It is all in the target language with subtitles in the target language and in English.


    I was recently introduced to this useful program.  It is a flash card program.  It can be used on different operating systems and devices.  You can use it to learn a language or to study for a class.  Basically anything that flashcards could be useful for.

    Those are some of the things I use on a regular basis.  However with internet access you can find so much more depending on the language you are learning.  I have a few French Lolita fashion blogs in my bookmarks and one of my friends that is also learning Esperanto sent a link to an Esperanto channel on YouTube.

    Damon and Jo have some advice on learning languages from home.  
It includes both tips for finding stuff online and things you can do without the internet.

    And there is so much out there.  Don’t wait.  If there is a language you want to learn, use some of the stuff and tips here today.  Go and learn.

Lilian A. Brennan


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