October 31, 2016

October Favorites 2016

    And there goes October!  Today is Halloween so be sure to have fun and be safe.  If you are doing NaNoWriMo and will start typing at the stroke of midnight I wish you the best of speed and luck.  May your muse not get drunk this month.  I am not sure what outfit I will be wearing tonight.  We had a costumes and games party this past Friday.  Game nights are the best.  I wore my Ren Faire outfit and the flower crown from my Magischola trip.  Something with a Ren faire feel would be good inspiration for my writing tonight though.

    I am not here to talk about NaNoWriMo and costumes right now though.  Today is about the things I loved this month.  So I guess I am sort of here to talk about costumes.  lol

Talking Shop 

    One of the things I really loved this month was being able to talk shop with other artists and creators at Realms Con. I got to talk to people about polymer clay, resin, costuming, and steampunk. I had a really wonderful conversation with a woman about resin. I even came away with some new coloring tricks to try out. One of the things I was especially grateful for was being able to talk to the artists from Airship Isabella. I had worked very hard to make some convention safe costume daggers, however the paint tended to scrape off. Which was less than desirable. Not only did they let me know what kind of materials to use that would be more durable, but they also let me know what to use for the daggers instead of the cheap costume daggers I had gotten from the dollar store and Target. They introduced me to the idea of using practice daggers. I had not known that these existed before, and I'm super excited to try them out.

 Finding a routine 

    I've been working for some time to find routines and practices that work for me. I've had minor successes and failures. I've even had some pretty terrible failures. I have been loving my new gold date book though that I got from Michaels craft store. I'd give you a link but as hard as I've tried to find it they don't seem to list it on their website. I've also made very good use out of stamps. Before I had the simple stamps my days would fill up rather quickly because of all the words it would take. However, now with the use of one or two stamps I can indicate what kind of task it is or if we're leaving the house. I no longer have to write email. There is a stamp for that. I just put the little email icon and then I write to whom I'm writing and possibly a word or two of why I'm writing.

    I have also put my old bullet journal to use as a morning routine schedule. I put the time that I'm going to wake up followed by "wake". I then put three other tasks right next to it that are all pretty simple; like drink water and use the bathroom.  Then I put my next time stamp for about 15 minutes later. I've give myself a certain amount of time for each task that I wanted to get done and put the starting time in front of it.  This accounts for probably two to two-and-a-half sometimes three hours of my morning. It helps me get stuff done though and even if I don't do all the things on the list some of the really important ones are written out there and I can at least mark those ones off. I'm still finding things that work best, but these two have been really great.

Kamisama Hajimemashita

    Oh my gods, I got to see four more episodes from this wonderful story (inserts fans screaming here.)  Even a week afterwards I was still super excited about what I'd seen and the resolution of the story arc. I will not give spoilers, but if you love this show too oh my gods go see it, go watch it, enjoy!
    I have done a lot more this year for Asexual Awareness Week than I have in past years.  I am hoping that I can do even more next year.  If you didn't see the posts I did last week take a look at them.  There are some great posts listed in them.

    And there was so much activity on the web for the week.  A friend shared some awesome Tumblr stuff with me and one of them had little Neko Atsume kitties with pride flags in their mouths.  Tubbs is my friend!  Check it out.  Also here is one of xyr edits that is with my favorite kitty.
Simple art of a calico cat holding an asexual pride flag in its mouth.  Description of Asexual pride flag.  Four horizontal stripes, from top colors are black, grey, white, and purple.  Cat is from the game Neko Atsume.  Cats name is Sunny.
Sunny is so cute!
See more of these
at Tubbs is my friend
   Now I just need to find ones with the aromantic pride flag and the gender queer or gender fluid flags.

    If you'd like to see some of the other things I have been loving this month be sure to take a peak at my TiLT posts.  I also got a friend doing gratitude lists.  Gratitude lists are a great way to remember the good stuff.  Check out Just Plum Petite.  +Jenn and I have been doing some fun work together and I am hoping we have some fun post for y'all soon.  

Lilian A. Brennan


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