October 23, 2016

What is Asexual?

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    Hey there! Today marks the first day of Asexual Awareness Week.  This week I want to take out time to talk about and raise awareness about this sexual orientation.  If you didn't know I am asexual.  To be more specific I am an aromantic asexual who is gender-fluid.  But those are more details for another time.  Today I want to tackle the question of what asexuality is.

    I could go into all sorts of details, but this topic has actually been covered over and over again.  Even still I run into people who have no idea what it is or don't believe it is real.

    So what is an asexual person?
An asexual person is a person who does not experience sexual attraction.

Short and simple.

    Just like a heterosexual person is a person who experiences sexual attraction to people of the opposite gender and a homosexual person is a person who experiences sexual attraction to people of the same gender.  There are many other sexual orientations, but we can talk about those another time.

    AVEN or The Asexual Visibility and Education Network is a great resource when talking about asexuality and people on the asexual spectrum.  Here is their About Asexuality section.  It briefly goes over relationships, attraction, and arousal.  It also has different FAQ sections listed.

    But there are also a lot of asexual bloggers and vloggers out there that you can hear from to get a better understanding of what it is like to be asexual.  Ashley Mardell has a series called The ABC's of LGBT+ in it they did three videos on Asexuals and Aromantics.  Here is the first one You can follow it to YouTube or use the link above to go to the playlist.

   Ashley collaborates in this trilogy with at least 13 people who identify somewhere on the asexual or aromantic spectrum.  I highly suggest these videos.  As a side note, if you need closed captioning they've got it.

    I will be spending a good bit of the week talking about all things asexual.  I will also be sharing links to videos, other articles, and blog posts on the topic over on my twitter.  @theravenlilian

Here is a look at what the week holds.
(As the week progresses and the posts go live the links below will take you to those posts)

Monday I give you some more links.  Asexual Links

Wednesday we can look at some characters that are on the ace spectrum.  Asexual Spectrum Characters

Friday I'll talk about some of the issues I deal with Being an Aromantic Asexual in a Hypersexual World

    If you have any respectful questions I will be happy to answer them.  Just let me know in the comments.

Lilian A. Brennan


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