November 15, 2016

Tea Time Tuesday: Cranberry Lemon Scones

     This week for our tea time baking we decided to try out this scone recipe from Tea Time Magazine.  Raisin-Orange Scones.  Neither of us particularly like the idea of using raisins though and agreed that dried cranberries would taste better.  At least to us.   And with that we each went to work baking these scones for the first time and tasting them with teas of our choice.  See how +Jenn did over on her blog, Just Plum Petite.  Tea Time Tuesday Cranberry Orange Scones

The Baking 

    We usually buy mandarin oranges for snacking on so I was planning on zesting them.  Well when I tried to do that it looked - weird.  Like tiny granules and juice.  I have zested before and that is not what I am used to.  We did have some lemons though so I used those instead.  Their zest came out much better.

    I also learned about a new tool while working on this recipe.  A pastry blender.  I’d never heard of one of these before and I am grateful that the internet exists.  It is a hand tool rather than a blender.  I do not own one so I tried using a whisk, which mostly got batter stuck inside of itself.  A fork worked better.

    The recipe also calls for a 2-inch square cutter.  I do not have that either, but you know what I do have?  A pizza cutter.  It works well for the job.

    This recipe was definitely not for people who have never baked before.  It called for a lot of tools someone might not have.  But I wouldn’t say it was too difficult either.  The results are well worth the effort though.  And there are some tools you might have that can do the job.  For example, I used a microplane, but if you have a grater you can use the small setting and do just fine with this recipe.  You can probably also try using round cookie cutters to get a different look to your scones.  Do be careful not to overwork the batter though.  Some batters will get too tough if you work them too much.

The Taste of Scones & Tea

    I came away from this project with Lemon Cranberry Scones.  And they were delicious.  A big hit in the house.  I even shared some with a neighbor.  They had a subtle lemon flavor and a dense texture.  The cranberries were great in them.  Next time I make them, and I will make these again, I want to use a little more lemon zest to try and get a stronger lemon flavor.

    I tried them with two different teas.  A mango tea and jasmine tea.

    Vinis Mango Black Tea was pleasant with these scones.  I may need to get  a fresher batch of this tea tho.  The mango flavor was only barely there and I believe I have had this one for some time now.  Teas do expire.  It was very nice to dip the scones into.

    YamaMotoYama Jasmine Tea is the best jasmine I have found in my area.  We get it from one of the Asian markets.  It is floral and light in flavor.  However, it did not go well with these scones.  I think a strong black tea would have contrasted with them better.  

    I also tried these scones with lemon curd.  It also did not go with them well.  I’d like to try them with some kind of cream in the future.  Maybe even sweetened cream cheese.  Personally I found the flavor of the scone delightful all on their own.

    And that is my take on this recipe.  It would taste good with lemon or orange; I am sure.  Would you give this recipe a try?  Are there any teas or recipes you think me and +Jenn should try?  Let us know.  And be sure to go see how making the scones went for her and what she tried pairing them with.

Lilian A. Brennan


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