January 19, 2017

Things I Love Thursday: Taking Time to Clean

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    The last two days have been busy.  I am applying for jobs and I have been doing stuff mostly for that. I am not going to college this semester so I am going to try and to make some money.  The last year was a rough one with no regular paying job.   I am so grateful for friends that I have been able to lean on.  I have been able to help them with some things too, but I am so grateful to have a home and food.  Sometimes the things we are grateful for are big and sometimes they are small.

    The house does look a bit like I have been too busy.  I can't even use the desk in my room there is so much sitting on it and the chair there is currently holding the clean cloths.  I still have some work to do today, but I think I am going to dedicate a good bit of it to putting things away and cleaning.  What are your plans for today?

    Here are some of the things I have loved, enjoyed, or smiled at this week.

 Changing Yourself - Happiness Vlog

    Maybe if I have time I will take a nice bath today.  That should be pleasant.  What have you enjoyed this week?  Is there anything that you'd like to share?  

 Till later, 
Lilian A. Brennan


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