February 4, 2017

Books I Want To Read In 2017

A photo of a shelf of books edited to look like it has been painted on a canvas.

    Whoot!  I have already finished two books this year!  “All My Friends Are Dead” and  “All My Friends Are Still Dead,” which means they were short picture books, but I read them.  They were morbidly adorable.  I highly suggest reading them, especially if you have an Addams family sense of humor.  And thanks to Bookshare and other resources that help me read more efficiently I am planning to read a lot more this year.  I already have a handful of books on my tablet just waiting their turn to be read.

    Here are some of the books I am excited to dive into soon.

How To Read A Book

    This one was suggested to me by a friend and I have made some attempts to read the print copy I have on my shelf.  I was never able to finish it though as I had a roommate who insisted on making fun of me for the title of the book.  It was a bad situation.  So now that I can actually read whatever I want I am looking forward to finally finishing this one.

    This books talks about more than just simply reading a book.  It talks about different levels of reading and comprehension.  It talks about techniques and methods to use when tackling different kinds of books whether they are history, literature, or science.  This should be a helpful book to have finished before I start taking formal classes again.  

The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness

    I learned about this book by Michelle Alexander some time ago.  A lot of people I follow have mentioned and suggested it.  Last year I tried to get it electronically through the local library.  Unfortunately OverDrive  and TalkBack do not work together very well.  This video recently reminded me about the book.

Valour and Vanity

    As for something that is more of pleasure reading I am looking forward to hearing Mary Robinette Kowal reading the fourth book from her Glamourist Histories Series, “Valour and Vanity.”  I am not one for romance, but these books are far more than romance.  “Glamour in Glass” involved espionage and was very much a heist story.  I am waiting until I finish hearing “The Lies of Locke Lamora” before I start this one.  But then it is on.

Black Unicorn

    I have read this book at least twice now.  In the last few years though I learned that this was the first of three books.  It is a series! I loved this book; the second time just as much as the first.  I want to read the next two so I am going to read this one again.  Not as much to remember what happened, but because I was planning on eventually rereading it anyway.


    I was recently reminded about this book that I had been interested in reading when I first heard about it.  And I feel like it was years ago that I heard about it, but it was only published in 2014.  Time can really get skewed in our heads.

    In 2017 I want to start making up for all the things I couldn’t read before.  All the things that took too much energy.  All the times I didn’t have a quiet place to read.  I want to read more.  I want to learn more.  Accessibility rocks!

Lilian A. Brennan


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