March 9, 2017

Things I Love Thursday: Sporadic, but Still Here

Image description: A star filled space scape with the words, "Things I Love Thursday," made visible by sparkles that are spreading out from behind the words.

    It has been a while since I have posted a things I love Thursday and I have a had a few brilliant moment that have inspired me to share so here goes with the gratitude!

  • Compliments. Being told I am handsome and beautiful.  As a gender fluid person the compliment meant so much to me.   
  • Napping with the kitten.   
  •  Seeing new projects to try.  I am thinking about room boxes.  
  • A friend was sharing images of conversations in a game they are playing and stopped to check in with me to make sure I could still read or if I needed a break.  They know that I am dyslexic and reading is often physically exhausting.  I am not sure that anyone has ever checked in with me that way it was kind of amazing feeling.   
  • Brass nails! I would consider fake nails in this case.  
  • Having the energy to get some work done.  
    Well I probably won't have a things I love Thursday every week.  At least not for a little bit.  I am still trying to prioritize the things I want to do and there are other kinds of posts I'd like to spend my energy on.  So hello.  I am still here.  Just tired a lot and a bit sporadic because of it.  Till next time.

Lilian A. Brennan


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