August 16, 2014

Lolita 52 Challenge: Vol. 11 - Something That I Made

Lolita 52 Challenge

   Hello everyone! ♥  ♥  This is my eleventh post for the Lolita 52 Challenge created by +Caro Dee of FYeah Lolita.  If you love lolita fashion go check out the list .  It is plenty of fun to blog about or to use as conversation starters at meet ups.  Each Saturday I will answer one of the questions on the list.  Last week I talked about How Strangers React To My Clothes, And How I React To Their Reactions.  This week I am talking about number thirty three,  something that I made.  If you'd like to see the rest of my answers they are all listed under my Lolita 52 Challenge tag.

    I know how to sew and I have a nice Kenmore to sew with.  But I am not anywhere near as good at sewing as I'd like to be.  There are lots of reasons for this.  As such not much of my lolita wardrobe is hand made.  There have been a couple accessories in the past that I don't use anymore and one skirt that no longer fits.  It took two tries to get that skirt right too.  This is why it is a good idea to keep muslin or really cheap fabric on hand to test patterns with.  

    The skirt I built was of a solid wine colored cotton.  A box pleat skirt with a set of three pin tucks running across the lower width of the skirt.  I thought the box pleats would be more tedious and difficult than they actually were.  I actually found them very meditative to work on.  It was the waist band.  I have a fear of waist bands and sewing.  I can't even totally explain it.  The idea of having to remove and re-size waistbands while simultaneously adjusting all the other parts that are held in place by the waistband is a lot of it.  Just take a look at a pair of pants.  So why am I so frightened of skirt waist bands?  

Wine colored skirt, white blouse, and black jacket
Here is the skirt I made with a really simple coord.

    It is a bit of work and I don't want to have to redo it I suppose.  I did the waistband though and finished the skirt.  It was a bit loose on me, but it looked well enough for a first hand-made lolita skirt.  Sadly I lost some weight since then and the skirt is no longer usable unless I take it in.  Waist band!  I am basically going to have to construct a new waist band.

    That skirt is not all that great though and I have some other fabric that has been sitting around waiting to be used.  So perhaps with this seasons goals I will get up the courage (and patience) to make another skirt.  That or maybe I just need to convince a friend to hang out while I sew.

    Tell me about something you made.  Was it for fashion or some art piece?  I'd love to read about it.


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