February 1, 2016

February Try-Its

Roses in circle, stems facing faded out center.  Hearts in bottom corners.  All on red gingram fabric with cras stich design.  Image faded with yellow tone to look old.  Words read: February Try-Its

    Well February is here!!!! Whoot!!! I survived January!!! LOL I did some good work in January, but I didn't get to work on everything I wanted to.  We often don't get to.  But we can keep trying.  Here is some of what I will work on in February.

    One of the things I did work on last month was my business.  I got my DBA certificate and I set up social media.  There is plenty more work to do, so this will be a continued effort.  However another thing that I tried to work on in tandem with all that was my writing and blogging.  I have to find a balance for it all and then make sure that I take time to relax.  That will be a big focus in February.

♥Work toward a balance of my artistic work.  

    KonMari was a thing I tried to continue working on in January, but depression makes that difficult.  I'd like to do more KonMari in February, but I think it will be more important to try and work on my mental health.  In February I will try to keep the habits that I know will help me manage my mental health.  This includes exercising every day, morning pages, the health journal, gratitude lists, and hell coloring time.  Sometimes it is relaxing to just forget everything and color a page with Twilight Sparkle on it.

♥Work on my mental health. 

    I never got to work on the steam punk photo shoot I wanted to do.  I am just going to transfer that try-it over to February.  Zazzle needs more and better pictures.  Plus it would be awesome to get some pics with my shipmates.

Androgynous steampunk with shironuri white face, pastel pink hair, stripped shirt, brown pants, and brown boots.  Person is lounging on a sofa.
This picture was taken by my
roommate and edited by me.  

♥Steam Punk Photo Shoot. 

    Okay I didn't see either of my BFFs.  I got to see my good friend I consider a sister from out of state, but I did not get to see either of the BFFs in person.  This must be fixed.  Immediately if possible.  And preferably without bike riding.  Too far to be safe.

♥See both of my besties!!!!

    Now for the last one!  Not a transfer from last moth at all but on of last years February goals.  A Month of Letters Challenge! Need I tell more?  If so go here.  :)

Participate in A Month of Letters

    Okay!  Those are my aims for the month.  How about you?

    Are you gonna try something new?  Are you gonna do month of letters?  I can write you.



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