September 24, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Origami

    Oy.  I am tired from today.  Got a lot of stuff done,  Yet not all the things I had planned.  Oh well.  We all have days like that.  How has your week been?

    Here are some of the nuggets of sunshine from my week.

September 23, 2015

My 13 Autumn Goals

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    Happy Autumn everyone!  I had a great day and I came up with my list for the season.  Plus I even did one of my recent goals.  I made several origami butterflies.  I'll have to post some pictures later.  They are cute and pretty.

September 20, 2015

The 13 Seasonal Goals Challenge

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    Schools are starting back up and for many people this signals the end of summer.  It may be the end of summer vacation, however autumn is not here yet.

    Autumn starts on September 23rd this year.  And on that day I will start another  13 seasonal goals challenge.

    Why let the days go by unnoticed?  Why let the seasonal events and activities fly by with out being enjoyed?  This autumn is ours for the taking.  There are scores of things to try.  Would you like to start your own adventure for autumn?  

     Then keep reading.

September 17, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Robot Hugs

    Robot Hugs.  Seriously.  As a gender queer person who has to deal with depression I love that Robot Hugs so clearly illustrates things I am concerned about.  I feel far less alone seeing that I am not the only one that deals with these things.  Sure they say all the time that you are not alone, but to actually see your troubles illustrated without asking some one to do it sticks so much better than words from a person who doesn't relate.  Check out the Robot Hugs web comic.  It's awesomely great.

September 10, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Terreria, Coloring, and Explosives

    This was a busy week.  I did get to share gratitude lists with a wonderful study group I am in.  I also got to play a lot of Terreria.

September 4, 2015

September Try-Its and Goals

    Well we are half a week into September.  I have a few goals and things to try for myself.  How about you?

    Do you have any hobbies you want to try your hand at?  Movies you want to see?  Friends you've been meaning to hang with?    Let me know.  It is so awesome to share.  Whether they are goals, to dos, or whatever.

September 3, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Nomato

    Anyone who has to deal with a food allergy can tell you that food can be a stressful thing.  I have an allergy to tomatoes.  Just take a moment to imagine all the foods that that is in.

    Yes of course there is pizza and spaghetti, but you may be surprised to learn that the are many soups, salad dressings and even chips I have to avoid even touching.  Food is a big stresser for me.

    However, my room mate and I learned about a thing called nomato.  My room mate is the most awesome person in the whole world.  She made some nomato in the slow cooker and then used it in place of tomatoes in some of her recipes to see if it worked well and so I could eat them.

    The results are in.  Her chili and her gumbo are awesome!!!! I was so happy and they were so tasty!


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