January 31, 2016

January Favorites 2016

A vintage color image of a bunch of morning glories on a beige background.
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    We are one month into 2016.  We are one month into 2016!  How has all this time passed.  And yet part of me feels like the time has slowly.  

    I have done some work on my goals.  It has mostly been an effort this month to do research and to work toward a balance in the different things I am doing for work now.  There has been more than a few days where I feel like I didn't do anything that day, but when I actually think about the things I worked on I did quite a bit of work.

   One thing I am proud to say is done is quite a bit of the work for starting my business Fairy Oasis.  I have my DBA.  I have social media set up.  there is still lots of work to do, but for the moment I can be happy for what I have done.

    So what are some of the things I have been over the moon for this month?

Photograph of loose tea on a clear counter top.  Image in top corner shows the lid with label and ingredients.  Dark chocolate peppermint.   Puerh, cacao, peppercorn, peppermint.   Other words on rest of image say: Delicious! Smooth! Grab a cup at Lotus Dreams Tea!

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Tea 

    It is so smooth and delicious.  It tastes great black or with cream.  It just depends on how you like it.  I have had it about four times now at the tea house, Lotus Dreams Tea.  It is such a wonderful place to visit.  The back room is a small haven of pillows and drapes.  If you are in Corpus Christi, TX and you enjoy tea or Moroccan food give Lotus Dreams Tea a visit.

Image of cat sleeping.  Image is altered to look like a Polaroid with the words, "What a sleepy ball of fur."  and a smiley face written on the bottom.

Animal Cuddles 

    I got at least a solid week of one or another of the household pets sleeping with me.  So cuddly and nice.  One of them in particular slept in my room so much that I had to put the baby gate up so she could get in and out, but my nephew couldn't.

Memory Jar 

    I used a memory jar for 2013 and 2014 to record happy occasions.  I just sort of forgot to do it in 2015.  I already have several pieces of paper in my jar this year.  It isn't too late either to get started on your own.  You can pick up a jar from the thrift store or reuse a container.  I suggest making it pretty.  I am going to add in little charms.

My New Tablet 

    The tablet was almost a surprise.  I received some money for Christmas that I wasn't expecting.  We were stopping by Office Depot to get some pens and highlighters.  Among looking at all the wonderful office supplies.  Yes I am a nerd for office supplies.  I love them.  I had been looking into getting a tablet do to having trouble reading with dyslexia.  So we were just going to look at them.  They were on serious sale.  It was the week after Christmas.  I was starting to really fancy one of them and I was thinking about how much easier having Talkbalk would make things.  Plus there were a few other things I wasn't able to do without a device.  It was then that it dawned on me.  I had set the money aside so that I could chose what to use it on.  this was one of those things.

    My room mate and I asked about the return policy.  It wasn't going to do any good if I couldn't get the apps I needed on it.  Which is why I wanted an android and not a windows system.  My last phone was a windows phone.  It was a nice phone but the app selection was abysmal.  It works though and I have kept it.  I have even gotten some books on it that I can either read myself or use Talkback to read.

    I also have a couple audio books.  It makes it so much easier.  Especially since if I am sick my dyslexia is bad enough that I can't read at all. So yeah I have some much needed accessibility.  I need to be able to get access to school books with accessibility, but we are working on that.

    Other than the added accessibility it gives me there are several things I have really enjoyed with this tablet.  Neko Atsume!!! So cute.  So simple.  And it doesn't take up a whole lot of time.  Instagram♥ Being able to essentially call my best friend with google hangouts from my bedroom.    Work on the go.  Among several other things.


January 29, 2016

Are You Participating In The Month of Letters?

Vintage line art drawing of a young teenage girl sitting at a desk writing.
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    February is soon.  And with it comes another chance at the wonderful  A Month of Letters challenge.  I first tried it in 2014, but I didn't mail very much since I busted up my leg at work the first week of the month and physically couldn't make it to the post office.  Well  I am going to give it a try again this year.   

    Do you like letter writing?  Do you like receiving mail?  Join in on the fun!

    You can find me on the site as TheRavenLilian.  Just let me know if you'd like a letter!

    Be sure to check out the journal for A Month of Letter.  There are some great posts in there.  I even read one about a guild on HabitRPG.  Joined!!!

    Badges and challenges and most of all snail mail!!!! Let's all have some fun in February!


January 28, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: National Puzzle Day

Collage on a wooden surface filled with beads, hearts, natural stones, and other things.  Words read: Things I Love Thursday

    It has been cold lately. (at least for south Texas)  I wasn't able to go out the other day to exercise because it was to cold for my lungs.  Luckily my roommates have an exercise bike.  I was so stir crazy.  I felt so much better after that.  I have been doing all sorts of stuff this week.  I got to hang out with a friend who has moved out of state.  I learned new skills with the polymer.  I even played some Oblivion on the computer.

    Well anyhow today is Thursday.  Time for the weekly gratitude list.

January 23, 2016

How To Keep Up With Fairy Oasis

    I just want to give a little update on the progress of my polymer clay business.  I am still regularly going out to the local event called Soulful Saturday each week. I have also gotten a Facebook page and an Instagram.

Facebook: Fairy Oasis
Instagram: Fairy Oasis

    I also have a Tumblr and Twiter set up, however they are not in use yet.  If you'd like to start following them ahead of time so you simply start getting updates when I put them into use here are those links.

Tumblr: Fairy Oasis
Twitter: Fairy Oasis

    I'd like to get an Etsy shop going soon, but I don't feel like I have enough volume yet.  Please check out what I have on display at the Facebook account though.  I will be building up the albums over the next few days.  If you see anything you'd like feel free to message me.

 Tata for now,

January 21, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: The Oven Works Again

Collage on a wooden surface filled with beads, hearts, natural stones, and other things.  Words read: Things I Love Thursday

    Oh goodness the last half of this week has been a bit troublesome.  I won't get in to it now save the fact that the oven was down from Sunday night until about dinner time Wednesday.  So I could not work with clay.  Sad face.  But I got to watch an anime I adore.  And I got to play with my nephew.  Monday and Tuesday were not productive days and then Wednesday I was "I am going to clean all the things!"

    Any how, it is Thursday!  And that means Things I Love Thursday and Linkup parties!!!!    Here goes!

January 14, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: Fairy Oasis

Collage on a wooden surface filled with beads, hearts, natural stones, and other things.  Words read: Things I Love Thursday

    I have been rather busy this week.  My room mate took me to the county seat and there I was able to get my DBA(doing business as) certificate.  I am now doing business under the name Fairy Oasis!  I am really excited.  I have been working on a dedicated Facebook page and an Instagram account.  It is fun and exhausting.  But I believe it is worth it.  Other things that brought me joy and excitement this week were:

January 12, 2016

Links: Goals, Resolutions, Dreams!

Image of a yellow legal pad & a purple floral composition book sitting on a wooden desk surface.  Pens and a pair of seeing glasses are strewn over them.  Two(2) Eiffle Tower themed ornaments on sides of the books.  Stars and faded bubbles fogged over image.  Composition booklet reads: Create Your Tomorrow

    As I promised yesterday, I am sharing some links today that all center around goal setting.  Tomorrow is National Make Your Dreams Come True Day.  So here are some great links to give your brain something to chew on.  

January 11, 2016

National Make Your Dreams Come True Day

Chalk pastel on dark green paper: Live your dreams.  Two pieces of chalk pastel near the corners of the green paper.  A small Eiffle Tower figure near top of green page and a cat tail peaking in the corner of the image.

    January 13th is National Make Your Dreams Come True Day!    Do you have dreams that you're working on?   Or that you could be working on?   Have you set some new goals or resolutions for the year?   National Make Your Dreams Come True Day will be a great reason to check them out and maybe even spice them up a bit!   

January 7, 2016

Things I Love Thursday: Go Fund Me

Collage on a wooden surface filled with beads, hearts, natural stones, and other things.  Words read: Things I Love Thursday

    Things have been kind of increadable lately.  I have had several occurrences and interactions that have left me with very positive feelings.  I am getting accustomed to the tablet I got last week and I am so happy to have Talkback on it.  It make so many things that were just not possible for me attainable.  I am starting to read "The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements."  This is very exciting for me as a math nerd.  But it simply would be too difficult to get any info out of with out the use of Talkback to help me read it.

    Another fantastic thing I'd like to say in detail rather than just as a bullet point is that my friend and roommate has started a GoFundMe page to raise money to get the testing I need for my dyslexia and contact allergies.  There are programs that I could get help from for my dyslexia, but I need an official diagnosis.  I am really honored that she is doing this for me.

January 6, 2016

4 Great Places to Learn Something New Online

Black and white vintage drawing of a young woman sitting in a school desk writing.
Image from

    I love learning.  I would say it is a major feature of my personality.  And with the power of the internet there are so many topics to choose from.  Do you want to learn something?  Here are four projects that are making learning accessible to the public.

January 2, 2016

Coloring as a Tool for Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

A pink plastic box filled with crayons.  Words across image say: Stressed? Take a Coloring Break

    Have you ever looked up from work and your life to see that something you have liked for years has become popular?  You then might think to yourself, "Well this is nice, but when and how did this happen?"

    I have had coloring books for years.  I think I started about ten years ago when I was working at a summer camp.  Summer camps can be really stressful for the people running the activities and making sure that the children don't hurt each other or get lost in the woods when they are supposed to be asleep.  (side note: I am not exaggerating)

    I kept a coloring book and a big box of crayons in my cabin for the councilors to use on their breaks.  My only rules, aside from the items not being accessible to the children, were that the pictures had to stay in the book and anyone who colored needed to sign their page.  I still have them.

January 1, 2016

New Years Goals and Other things this January

Vintage image of decorative metal ice bucket with a bottle of champagne in it and a glass of campaign on the side.  All of this sitting on a wooden cutting board with roses placed decoratively.
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    Happy New Years everyone!!  How did 2015 treat you?  What are you hoping for in 2016?  Goals?  Challenges?  Or are you just hoping to make it all the way through the year?  Whatever your outlook on resolutions and New Years let me know.

    For me 2015 was a mix of good and bad.  There were a lot of really undesirable events and situations.  But I also got a lot of new opportunities this past year and some of the bad things made good things suddenly available.  In 2016 I want to take advantage of the situations good and bad and make a way for myself.


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